A lot of energy is consumed for heating water at home or in commercial places.  In fact, more than 15 percent of the energy, domestic or commercial is exhausted for water heating requirements.

The conventional water heating devices which run either on electricity or gas have a standard monthly cost in terms of electricity bills or refueling of gas. They are non-renewable sources of energy that may get exhausted one day and are also hazardous to the environment as fossil fuels and gas emit large amounts of carbon dioxide.

Solar water heaters for Residential use

The alternative to conventional water heating devices is switching to solar water heaters which are not dependent on fossil fuels and run on energy procured from the sun which is a non-exhaustible source of energy.

The solar water heaters reduce the associated costs attached to conventional water heaters such as electricity bills and refueling of gas. Also, solar energy is a completely renewable and environmentally friendly source of energy which reduces carbon footprint.

The solar water heaters only incur the initial installation cost and yearly maintenance, there are no running costs associated with a solar water heating system.

Most of the modern solar heaters are highly efficient capable of converting close to 80% of radiation into heat energy which makes them highly suitable for larger families.

Solar water heaters for Commercial and Industrial use

Solar water heaters are an extremely viable alternative to effectively meet the hot water requirements of commercial establishments such as Hotels, Hospitals, Malls, Educational Institutions, Industries, and Swimming pools.

Industries require large volumes of hot water, compelling them to procure energy from different sources such as electricity and gas, which are expensive and non-environment friendly. Therefore, the industrial use of solar water heater can be helpful in reducing cost, preserve resources, and reduce carbon footprints.

The solar water heaters have numerous uses in commercial and industrial space from washing, heating, drying, steaming, chemical treatment, sterilizing, dyeing, and many more.

Solar water heaters may not be completely suited to replace boilers or other high-temperature industrial water equipment. But they are extremely useful for preheating purposes which can save a good amount of electricity cost and also play an important role in decreasing the carbon footprints.


Also, as most of the commercial buildings have an increased roof area allowing them to install more panels and collectors, useful to generate more volumes of hot water.

Emmvee, a leading manufacturer of solar water heating system

Emmvee is one of the pioneers in the manufacturing of solar water heaters under the brand name ‘Solarizer’. We have a rich experience of 28 years in solar water heating manufacturing and are one of the largest manufacturers of solar water heating systems in India and Europe.

We have a track record of selling over 5,50,000 solar heating systems mounting over 6, 90,000 m2 installation area. We are one of the few companies to have acquired the solar key mark certification for our premium products and the only manufacturer of glass enamel tanks in India.

Over the years Emmvee has mastered the craft of installing easily scalable water heating solutions. It has undertaken many solar water heater projects and has provided customized solutions to a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial institutions.

Emmvee’s Solarizer solar water heating systems have contributed to a massive reduction in the operation costs of its clients, which has got us many loyal customers and repeated projects.