In a ground-breaking move to combat traffic congestion and promote sustainable transportation, Hyderabad has unveiled the “Healthway” solar-roof cycling track and innovation that not only prioritizes health but also harnesses the power of the sun. Emmvee takes pride in contributing to this pioneering initiative, revolutionizing urban mobility in India.

Riding Into a Greener Tomorrow: The Healthway Solar Roof Cycle Track

To address the challenges posed by manic traffic, the “Healthway” solar-roof cycling track emerges as a beacon of hope. Spanning an impressive 23 km with a width of 4.5 m, the track offers a 24/7, free of cost, and one-of-a-kind experience for cyclists. Encouraging a shift towards a sustainable mode of transportation, this initiative brings a myriad of benefits to individuals and the environment.

The “Healthway” prioritizes safety with CCTV surveillance, first-aid stations, and well-maintained restrooms. Adequate lighting ensures a secure environment for cycling enthusiasts. Furthermore, access points feature cycle rentals, bike repair stations, food trucks, and ample car parking. Resulting in a complete solution for everyone.

At the heart of the Healthway cycle track lies its crowning glory—the solar panels. The panels generate a staggering 16 MW of electricity, powering 32,000 streetlights and illuminating 800 km of street lighting. With a budget of 95 crores, this self-sufficient marvel sets a new standard for environmentally conscious urban development.

Emmvee’s Contribution to “Healthway”: Sustainable Partner in Progress

Emmvee proudly played a pivotal role in the success of the Healthway solar-roof cycling track, a beacon of sustainability in Hyderabad. By supplying a total of 29,468 top-notch solar panels, Emmvee has empowered this initiative to harness clean energy, significantly reducing the carbon footprint. Each of these panels is a Monofacial white back sheet Pearl module, known for its high efficiency with a power output of 545 Wp, ensuring that the track is not just a marvel of engineering but also a testament to energy efficiency. Furthermore, Emmvee guarantees the performance of these modules for 25 years, underscoring their commitment to durability and long-term sustainability.

As Hyderabad embraces the “Healthway” solar-roof cycling track, EMMVEE stands as a testament to the power of collaboration between innovation and sustainability. This eco-friendly marvel not only promotes active mobility but also sets the stage for other cities to follow in its footsteps. Contributing to “Healthway,” Emmvee pedals their way through Hyderabad, championing fitness and sustainability along with a greener future. This initiative marks a significant milestone in the journey towards a more sustainable world, showcasing the potential of combining renewable energy with community health and wellness.