Designing solutions with a focus on green energy

Emmvee solar is one of the pioneers of the solar industry in India, with over 25 years of experience. We have set up a world-class production facility for solar water heating systems at Dabaspet, Karnataka. This unit has a combined production area of over 25 thousand square metres.

Our units are capable of producing solar water heater tanks ranging from 100 litres up to 3,000 litres suitable for residential and industrial purposes. We are one of the very few manufacturers to have acquired the Solar Key Mark for our premium range of water heating systems. Our solar water heaters are fairly priced, and we have sold over 5,50,000 solar heating systems mounting over 6,90,000 m2 installation area.

Leaders of the industry

State-of-the-art facilities

Automated manufacturing units with the most advanced machinery & robots to improve efficiency

Glass enamel tank producer

The only solar water heater manufacturer to use quality glass enamel tank in the whole of India with the best and sophisticated machinery

Trained professionals with 25 years experience

Well-trained workforce with immense knowledge on the quality and safety of all the raw materials used in the solar water heaters in India

25+ Years of experience

Over 5 lakh customers

Solar Key Mark

Systems of Indian and European standards

Quality Control

Best production turnout


Safety, hygiene and durability at the forefront

Our solar systems are designed by industry experts, keeping in mind the ease of use and security for our customers

Enamel Coated Tanks

Prevents corrosion, and formation of toxic substances and other impurities that are leached on the surface of tanks

Full plate absorber

Solarizer’s solar collector has a unique absorber that withstands more than 220 (degree or o) C without
degrading performance

Laser Welding

Laser welded absorber sheet for outstanding heat transfer and mechanical sturdity that ensures durability

Solar Glass

High transmission (more than 92% at near-normal incidence) of sunlight into the collector than any other glass

Steel Mounted Anode

The Anode in the Solarizer has a stainless steel mounting head which makes it easier to remove and replace