India’s significant portion of the GDP is derived from the agricultural sector and yet the farmers in rural India are not able to fulfill their basic requirements.

One major cause of the ever increasing farmer owes and the inconsistent agricultural produce in India is insufficient water supply to the crops and lack of proper planning in utilizing the water resources such as water pumps. The problem has only intensified with most of the villages not having proper sources of electricity near their agricultural lands to acquire water from the pumps.

Solar pumps can be a viable alternative to accelerate the development in the agricultural sector as they are not dependent on electricity. Also, they are environment friendly, cost and energy efficient compared to the traditional water pump.

Benefits of Solar Pumps:

Solar pumps are revolutionizing the agricultural sector and providing farmers the option to utilize water in the most resourceful and cost effective manner:

  • Accessible in the remote areas

The major benefit of solar water pumps is their accessibility in the remotest areas of India. Solar pumps can work without any dependence on the nearest transformer to draw the required electricity to the agricultural land. Also, its ability to use the sun’s energy to power the pumping process even in the most backward areas where there are no electric towers makes it highly resourceful in a country like India.

  • Easy to transport and relocate

Solar water pumps are lightweight with minimum accessories that make them easy to carry. They can be easily transported or relocated to most parts of India without any hassle within a short span of time. Hence, it has become a valuable device for the farmer who wants to move it from one farm to the other on a regular basis.

  • Eco-Friendly

The increasing use of solar water pumps is a stepping stone towards the significant change that is expected in the Indian agriculture sector. One of the primary reasons for its success is because it works through the energy derived from the sun which is a completely environmentally friendly and renewable source of energy.  

  • Energy efficient

The modern day solar water pumps are extremely efficient, capable of replacing any electricity or fuel run water pumps. Also, these pumps are cost and energy effective saving a lot of money on electricity and other related bills.

  • Saves groundwater

The high capacity traditional water pumps usually draw an excessive quantity of water from the ground in a short span of time. This imposes a major threat to groundwater levels leading to the water getting flooded.

On the other hand, the solar water heaters provide high yield using lower levels of water for irrigation saving a good amount of time on manual labor.

  • Profitable long run

The initial cost and installation charge for the solar water heaters might be expensive, but they are extremely profitable in long term. It completely relies on energy sourced from the sun which not only is renewable but also available in the absence. The solar water pumps are extremely durable, capable of working for a long period of time. They can be used 24×7 in any weather condition with minimal upkeep.