Emmvee, A market giant in solar-powered products and possessing a well-established reputation in both domestic and international markets recently unveiled their new range of products at the annual Intersolar Expo, a prestigious world-renowned event that brings together solar industry pioneers and provides a platform for showcasing their innovations and achievements in the solar sector. The three-day event commenced from 11 December 2018 at Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre, Bengaluru, India. The products entail uncompromising high-quality standards. The technologies used in these products carry years of dedicated research work. The expo saw the following products that the company showcased. “AC Solar Module”, A product that provides well balanced optimum power thanks to its well-crafted modules designed to harvest maximum amount of power from solar energy. The module comes with an inbuilt inverter that furnishes uninterrupted power when required, this eliminates the need for an extra inverter. The product comes with a proprietary “Burst Technology” that enables the module to provide well-balanced energy even in low-light, dusky conditions.

“Spowdi”, a registered trademark product of AiLi Innovation a Swedish technology company, Emmvee signed an MoU with AiLi innovation for manufacturing and supplying Spowdi in the Indian market. The pump has some really impressive functionalities. It can draw 20000 litres of water on a normal sunny day. The functionality of the product is such that it lays emphasis on water conservation. The design is sturdy yet quite lightweight and can be installed without any hassles. The above product will help small-scale farmers with their water needs and improve their farming standards.

“Solarizer”, a family of heat pump hot water systems that speak of an impressive coefficient of performance. The product chosen for the expo was an “Integrated Heat Pump Water Heater” from the series. The complete series possess an ergonomic design that houses critical components in a compact manner and can be installed at individual residences, residential apartments, domestic and commercial buildings. Energy efficiency is a central characteristic of these products.

Emmvee has come a long way to become the leader in the market of solar-powered products. The company deals with photovoltaic modules ranging from on-grid modules, off-grid modules, AC Solar modules and Solar water heating solutions. Emmvee has pioneered various technologies coming out of 26 years of dexterous and intensive research work that has been quintessential for the growth of the company since its inception in 1992.

Emmvee takes pride in their team. Researchers and Engineers at Emmvee are involved in some cutting- edge engineering and research work to derive the best out of the existing products and construct exceptional products that enjoy a high satisfaction rate amongst the customers. The above-stated points mirror with the fact that “BIS” certified Emmvee solar module received the “Solar consumer choice award” – 2018.

The Expo show turned out to be as many people came up over to Emmvee booths and enquired about the products. Apart from that for any further information on various other products series one can reach the official website of Emmvee – www.emmvee.com