A solar water heating system captures the warmth of the sun and transfers it into the hot water supply for once home or business property. Solar water heaters are a great alternative to electric and fossil fuel water heaters because of their ability to entirely source energy from the sun which is completely renewable and available in abundance. The modern solar water heaters are designed to work throughout the year, even during the winter season when the sunlight is relatively is less.

Key facts about solar water heaters

Fights climate change
The water heating process requires a high percentage of energy and is consumed throughout the year. Adapting to solar water heaters is a great way to reduce carbon footprints and other greenhouse emissions as it works entirely on the energy produced by the sun.

Protects air quality
A large part of the population uses electric power generated from fossil fuels for their water heat requirements which pollutes the air and contributes to negative environmental and health effects. On the other side, solar water heaters contribute to green energy and reduce public health problems that arise due to air pollution.

Protects water quality
Solar water heaters play an important role in reducing mercury contamination of watersheds caused by the mercury and other toxic heavy metals released into the environment by power plants. These substances cause a major threat to the overall well being of our rivers, lakes, and streams.

Saves electricity bill
Solar water heater helps in saving money on electricity bills as it uses free energy from the sun. The initial investment on solar hot water might be high but it typically lasts for 25 years or more which leads to a consistent amount of saving on power bills for a long period of time.

Low maintenance cost
Solar water heaters are highly durable and typically require less maintenance. It only requires a periodic inspection on yearly bases to keep producing free hot water for a long duration of time.

Unlimited energy
The solar water heaters can provide hot water throughout the year without any interruption because of their ability to use energy from the sun which is an unlimited source of energy always available for consumption.

Higher reliable
Solar water heating systems have become highly reliable over the years with many companies providing a longer duration of the warranty and consistent service. Emmvee has consistently manufactured and supplied high quality solar water heaters under the brand name ‘Solarizer’ for the last 28 years with millions of customers using it without any hassle. Emmvee’s ‘Solarizer’ is the only solar water heater to provide the best quality glass enamel tank with laser welding in India. Emmvee has centralised after sales service support centre which ensures each & every call received is attended with utmost priority.

Differs from solar panels
Solar water heaters as well as solar panels both use the mechanism of the sun’s thermal power to generate energy. The solar panels use it to generate electricity, while the solar water heaters use it to generate hot water.