Who We Are and How It Started?

Address from the MD

Emmvee, since its inception in 1992, has been a pioneer in manufacturing and developing innovative Solar Photovoltaic Modules and Solar Water Heating Systems. Our highly skilled and dedicated employees and a wide range of suppliers from across the world, make Emmvee a reliable, transparent, and customer-centric organization.

Emmvee started its manufacturing activities with the production of solar water heating systems at Bangalore, India. Our brand name ‘Solarizer’ water heating system has grown to be the largest manufacturer of solar water heating systems in India and Europe.

In the year 2007, Emmvee embarked on the manufacturing of solar photovoltaic modules, and has become one of the leading players capable of providing products to individual and commercial consumers. Emmvee has rich expertise in developing large solar power plants and also sell the power to required customers.

Emmvee, over the years, has built a strong brand legacy of providing world-class quality products and excellent customer support.

Photovoltaic Modules

  1. Our State-Of-The-Art Production Facility

Emmvee’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Bangalore, India has a production capacity of 500 MW. We have manufactured and supplied more than 1.5 GW of photovoltaic modules in India and across the world. We use world-class top-quality German components to achieve the highest standard of process reliability, production results, and product quality.

  1. Our Range of Products
  • Mono PERC Module

It is ideally suited for On-Grid solar power plants manufactured with best in class machinery and materials. The module can reach an efficiency level of 19.74% and its performance ranges upto 395 Wp.

  • Polycrystalline Solar Module

It is designed for large electrical power requirements. Its advanced manufacturing technology makes it capable of achieving high module conversion efficiency of up to 17.18% and performance range of upto 335 Wp.

  • AC Solar Module

It comes with an inbuilt inverter replacing the single, centralized inverter currently used in DC solar electric systems. The module can reach an efficiency level of 19.74% and performance range of upto 395 Wp.

  • Bi-facial Solar Module

It can produce electricity from direct sunlight exposure, and reflective light which passes through the panels. It can reach an efficiency of up to 20.29% and performance range of upto 410 Wp.

  • Half Cut Solar Module

Its highly advanced technology makes it capable of reaching an efficiency level of up to 18.78%, and performance range of upto 310 Wp.

Our Recently Introduced Products

Emmvee Powerhub:
Emmvee taking forward its initiative of supporting green energy has introduced a new product – The Emmvee Powerhub, a German-designed intelligent electric energy storage system capable of optimizing power storage by controlling per unit energy consumption with easily scalable features. Its highly intelligent control system provides long-lasting performance by operating under low voltage.

Emmvee Spowdi
Our revolutionary product ‘Emmvee Spowdi‘ is aimed at boosting the agricultural industry by restoring groundwater levels. Spowdi’s design helps in curtailing the problems of traditional water pumps which can create a threat to the available groundwater. It is capable of providing high yield using less water for irrigation. Emmvee Spowdi which is powered by solar panels does not require any technical experience to operate it. It provides only the optimal level of water required for the entire farm.

Turnkey Solutions

Emmvee has a strong record of commissioning more than 200 MW of solar projects in India and across the world.

It has developed rich expertise in executing solar photovoltaic roof top projects, large scale solar photovoltaic power projects, land to PPA (Power Purchase Agreement), EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) projects, O&M (Operation & Maintenance) of large projects and OEM and retail sale of solar photovoltaic modules for DCR & Non-DCR requirements.

Some of the key projects executed:

  • A 40 MW solar power plant spread across 206 acres area of land at Bagepalli, Kunigal, and Bidar in Karnataka. The plant has 132,000 polycrystalline modules with a power generation capacity of 72 million U/a.
  • A joint venture with Reddy’s Lab to supply solar power for their facilities for the next 25 years at Hyderabad. The 15 MW capacity solar power plant will supply electricity exclusively to Reddy’s Lab facilities.
  • Emmvee has taken its green initiative to a next level by installing a 1MW rooftop solar power plant at its solar water heater manufacturing facility in Dabaspet. The modules and water heater products are manufactured using the 1.380MW solar power generated from the solar plants.
  • Apart from these projects Emmvee has executed a flat RCC solar power project of 1.1MWp at the University of Hyderabad, a sloped sheet roof project of 1 MWp at CIAL in Kerela and a solar power plant project of 11.4 MW in Bronkow, Germany, etc.

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