The AC panel is equipped with its own micro-inverter eliminating the effect of voltage drop on the entire solar system. Every solar panel is capable of working independently to produce the maximum possible power in all conditions. Its ability to produce higher volume of power from the same modules over a long period of time along with its ability to monitor output at a single module level makes it a highly durable and cost-effective solution.

Stable Power Generation
Since each AC module operates independently, the performance of the modules will not be affected by the modules that are in the shade. This enables efficiency in harvesting more energy per KW of sunshine.

Advantages of AC modules to DC modules

  • The AC modules do not require high-voltage DC wiring which makes them safer to DC models. It lowers the risk in case of the installer being impacted with the DC wire during an accident. Emmvee’s AC Solar Module’s ability to handle low voltage at the module level makes it extremely safe.
  • AC modules are a self-contained power source capable of extracting maximum power from each module unlike with DC modules. AC modules provide real-time production data which makes it easy for the consumers to monitor the actual producing power. Emmvee’s AC modules are capable of producing more energy in dawn, dusk and low light conditions.
  • AC modules provide the flexibility of determining fault with specific modules and deal with them separately allowing the other set of arrays to simultaneously keep producing power. In comparison, in the DC modules this flexibility is not available because they collect information about the entire array and cannot provide accurate information about specific modules.