Emmvee has commissioned a very unique Solarizer Solar water heating system and solar rooftop project at Hotel Roopa Elite, a luxury boutique hotel located in Mysore.

Mysore is a heritage city in Karnataka situated at the foothills of Chamundi Hills. The city attracts a large number of tourists every year because of its rich heritage and other sightseeing spots such as the KRS dam, Mysore Palace, Zoo, Lalitha Mahal Palace etc.

Hotel Roopa Elite which has always been keen on using green energy resources has taken its commitment to a next level by installing solar water heaters for hot water requirements and rooftop solar modules to generate electricity.

The hotel aims to reduce its average monthly electricity bill by a good margin by approaching Emmvee to integrate a solar water heater into the existing heat pump system. Solarizer heat pump with 4000 litres tank capacity consisting of 42 collectors mounted on the sloped sheeted roof was installed.

The installed solar water heater has been able to provide round-the-clock hot water to all the 32 rooms in the hotel with double occupancy. It has also been able to provide an uninterrupted hot water supply to the kitchen, laundry, and other utility areas.

The 390Wp rooftop project is installed with 32 AC Modules capable of generating 12.26KW of electricity. The high-end system used in this project is capable of providing online connectivity enabling the hotel’s management team to monitor the solar power generation on an instantaneous basis. The project was executed without involving any major modification to the original structure of the roof using special anchoring brackets.

“The key challenge while executing this project and carrying out the installation was to put special emphasis on ensuring no water leakage from the roof. Emmvee with its vast experience and highly trained technicians was able to succeed in this using a special bracket along with a special waterproofing chemical substance. The chemical also acts as a strong bond between the sheet and bracket; this reduces the requirement of the mounting structure.” said Mr.Srinath T, Technical Director – Emmvee Group