The growing industrialization has resulted in rapid commercial development in the country. But this has had an adverse and deteriorating impact on the environment mainly because of the harmful chemicals and gases that are released into the environment by the industries. It also has a consequent impact on global warming and the greenhouse effect which are creating a lot of health issues across the world.

The only solution to control this is shifting to eco-friendly products such as solar water heaters in industries which will lead to fewer chemicals being emitted into the environment.

Solar Water Heater for Industrial Use

The industrial solar water heater in India is gaining importance progressively because of the numerous uses it offers such as washing, drying, heating, steaming, sterilizing, chemical treatment, dyeing, air drying, power generation, pasteurization, boiling, etc.

Also, many local governments are also working in collaboration with the industries to promote solar water heaters and create awareness about their increased productivity. Some governments are also providing incentive schemes for industrial solar water heater usage.

Advantages of solar water heaters in Industries:

  • Reliable and secure energy source

Industries require a large amount of energy for their production and other industrial activities which requires them to use different energy sources. Therefore, many industries prefer solar water heaters as a potential alternative to conventional water heaters. Also, solar water heaters are more consistent, less expensive, and environment friendly than conventional water heaters.

Further, it Increases the safety levels of employees as any accidents arising from electricity shocks are avoided. It also saves on interior space by utilizing the rooftop for installing solar panels and other required accessories.

  • Reduces dependence on volatile fossil fuel prices

Solar water heats can help small and medium-sized industries in reducing their dependence on volatile fossil fuel prices. But the key challenge they face is to maximize the water heating capacity of the solar water heaters to meet their production requirements. And the water storage provisions they provide during non-sun hours and non-production hours.

Water heating requirements of different industrial:

The water heating requirements of different industries vary according to their respective processes. Industries require hot water ranging between 50C to 250C accounting for a significant share of their total energy consumption.

Some of the industries with large hot water requirements:

  • Food processing, dairy, and pharmaceutical

These industries require water to be converted to at high temperatures or steam. This process requires a lot of power load constituting close to 60% of their total energy consumption.

Solar water heaters can not only solve their problem related to water heating requirement but can also provide them consistent, non pollutant hot water at comparatively sell cost than from conventional sources.

  • Dairy and milk products industry

India is one of the largest producers of milk and milk products. It has more than 1,000 large, medium, and small dairy production units and produces more than 170 million tonnes of milk annually.

Energy plays a vital role in processing milk and milk products which are primarily sourced from fossil fuels such as furnace oil, etc. More than 25% of their manufacturing cost is spent on fossil fuels and electricity.

The installation of solar systems to generate thermal energy and for generating energy for other processes will not only reduce CO2 emission but will also provide an uninterrupted energy supply at a much lesser cost when compared to conventional sources.

  • Agricultural food processing industry

In countries where agriculture and food processing industries are of prime prominence, solar water heaters can fulfill a substantial amount of water heating demand by providing hot water for curing, drying, dyeing, washing, boiling, and pasteurisation processes.

Role of Emmvee in supporting industries to meet their solar water heater requirement

Emmvee has been a pioneer in the manufacturing and development of solar water heating systems for the last 28 years. Our brand name ‘Solarizer’ water heating system has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of solar water heating systems in India and Europe.

Emmvee has played a major role in the increasing growth of solar energy implementation across different Industry sectors with our solar water heating systems being ideally designed for industrial usage. We help industries in providing uninterrupted hot water throughout the year at a relatively less cost, saving a good amount of money on electricity bills.

Our water heaters come with 25 years warranty and high-quality assurance. We are known for our excellent after-sales service and customer-centric approach.

Solar water heater projects installed & executed by Emmvee in different industries:

  • Hotels & Resorts – A Solarizer water heater with a Capacity of 30,000 LPD was installed at Mahabaleswar, Maharashtra. View project
  • Educational Institutions – A Solarizer water heater with a Capacity of 91,000 LPD was installed across Karnataka at 35 locations. View project
  • Hospitals – A Solarizer water heater with a Capacity of 50,500 LPD was installed in Bengaluru, Karnataka. View project
  • Industries – A Solarizer Plus water heater with a Capacity of 20,000 LPD was installed across Bengaluru, Chennai & Hyderabad. View project