On-site related hazards exist in every solar implementation process which makes it extremely important to have the right kind of strategies in place to protect workers and technicians.

Emmvee always makes it a priority to follow the right kind of safety hierarchy which makes it easy to eliminate, substitute, or introduce appropriate control methods required to deal with the specific situations.

Emmvee provides its site technicians with safety gear such as PPE equipment to minimize on-site exposure to various hazards and assure them a safe & healthy work environment. These PPE equipment include respirators, gloves, aprons, head, eye & foot protection, fall protection, and full bodysuits.

The following guidelines are followed by Emmvee for proper selection of PPE equipment

  • Risk Assessment
    Emmvee makes decisions based on thorough risk assessment and takes utmost care in choosing the right PPE equipment to match the possible hazard. For instance, a welder may require a helmet, goggles, and an air-supplied welding hood.
  • Obtain advice from experts
    Emmvee has a team of experienced experts who determine what equipment is required for a specific project. The decisions are made based on a thorough risk assessment and the test data collected from the on-site team.
  • Evaluating various models by workers
    Emmvee makes the individual worker involved by introducing different approved safety models into the workplace for trials making workers have the opportunity to evaluate different models. This will help individual workers to choose the equipment which fits according to their comforts.
  • Constantly review standards
    Emmvee’s expert team constantly reviews the performance of the equipment. They make sure that the required quality standards are met at all times to ensure the exposure to injury is minimized using these PPE kits.
  • Conduct education and training
    Emmvee constantly works on providing educating and training to its workers on the proper use of PPE equipment making sure that all the requirements are met in terms of proper equipment and maintenance.