Water heaters are an integral part of a household’s hot water system and are largely responsible for fulfilling the hot water requirements for bathing, washing, cleaning, drinking, and cooking.

Heating water is an expensive affair requiring large sums of energy with most homes and businesses spending more than 60% of their electricity consumption on water heating requirements. This is mainly due to a large amount of population using conventional sources of energy for water heaters such electric & gas geyser and gas boilers.

The rising cost makes it important to select water heaters more wisely and appropriately in order to minimize energy wastage and to optimize the use of hot water.

The water heaters are either operated by electricity, fuel (such as wood, charcoal & gas), or renewable sources such as solar energy.

High-quality energy carriers such as electricity which are nonrenewable and capital incentives are often being used for low-quality tasks such as water heating.

These tasks can be more efficiently carried out by less expensive and renewable energy sources such as solar. Solar energy is delivered to the earth at a relatively low temperature making it ideal to perform tasks such as water heating. Also, the energy generated from the sun is environmentally more diversified causing no chemical combustion which causes environmental pollution.

Choosing the right Solar water heaters:

  • Proper sizing

Choosing the right size of solar water heater is extremely essential as homeowners need enough storage to meet at least 90% of their hot water requirements. The storage volume is also important to consider depending on the number of people using it. For example, an 80-gallon tank is required for up to four people, and for more than six people a larger tank needs to be installed.

  • Less space

Solar thermal panels are usually less space-intensive compared to PV panels. Fewer are required to heat water than in an array used to produce sufficient power for a home.

  • Energy efficiency

It is very important to know the efficiency of the solar water heater to maximize your energy and cost savings. It is important to estimate the operating and maintenance costs to compare and get an idea of which model to purchase.

Types of active solar water heaters:

The solar water heaters mainly come in two main types Active and Passive. Both of them can be used for residential and commercial purposes:

  • Active solar water heaters

Active solar systems come with circulating pumps which are used to circulate hot water from the solar collectors or absorbers. They are normally installed in areas where the climate is colder, as they can store water in the tank which can be kept indoors to prevent freezing.

  • Passive solar water heaters

Passive solar water heaters primarily rely on convection as the circulation system making hotter water rise to the surface and cold water sinking below as a means to circulate water. They are also usually cheaper than active water heaters, as they do not use any specialized equipment to pump water.

Comparing solar water heater to conventional water heater:

  • Solar energy is the ultimate non exhaustible source of energy that can be used for water heaters as they use free natural resources sourced from the sun. Also, it is a completely eco-friendly and pollution-free energy source.
    On the other side, the major problem with conventional water heaters is their dependency on fossil fuels which are non-renewable and non-environment-friendly energy sources.
  • Solar energy is the ultimate inexhaustible source of energy that can be used for water heaters as they use free natural resources sourced from the sun. Also, it is a completely eco-friendly and pollution-free energy source. They are cost-effective and switching to them will reduce utility costs and save electricity bills.
    Conventional water heaters add significant costs to the monthly electricity bills. It is estimated that more than 60% of the utility bills in households come from water heaters.
  • The initial buying cost of solar water heaters might be high but it runs on energy sourced from the sun which is absolutely free, inexhaustible and completely environment friendly.
    On the hence side the initial buying cost of Conventional water heaters might be relatively moderate but they are completely dependent on fossil fuels which are expensive, nonrenewable and non-environment friendly.
  • The durability of the solar panels used for heating water usually comes with a warranty of 15 to 25 years depending on the solar company that has supplied the panels. Also, it is relatively easy to install and requires less maintenance.
    On the hence side the average life of a conventional hot watering system is around 10 to 15 years. Also, they require periodic maintenance and replacement of parts.
  • They are highly efficient, capable of converting about 80% of radiation into hot water. The heaters use diffused energy in the atmosphere to heat water making them efficient during cloudy days as well. They are highly suitable for larger families as it provides 24/7 hot water even during the power cuts.

Conventional water heaters are in use for a very long time and are considered a luxury as they supply hot water throughout the day and are not dependent on climatic conditions. But their services are sourced from a third party such as Discoms, which are inconsistent and extremely price sensitive.

Emmvee, a leading manufacturer of solar water heaters: 

Emmvee is one of the pioneers in the manufacturing of solar water heaters under the brand name ‘Solarizer’. It has a rich experience of 29 years in solar water heating manufacturing and is one of the largest manufacturers of solar water heating systems in India and Europe. It has a track record of selling over 5, 50,000 solar heating systems mounting over 6, 90,000 m2 installation area.

Over the years Emmvee has mastered the craft of installing easily scalable water heating solutions. It has undertaken many solar water heater projects and has provided customized solutions to a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial institutions.

Emmvee’s water heating systems have contributed to a massive reduction in the operation costs of its clients, which has got us many loyal customers and repeated projects.

Solarizer Heat Pump: A one-stop solution for all bulk hot water requirements

Emmvee’s Solarizer Water Heaters are the most premium and international standard water heaters, engineered after years of research with the highest achievable quality.

One of our premium water heaters Solarizer Heat Pump is a one-stop solution to handle any kind of bulk hot water situation.

It is extremely effective and safe with the advanced ability to eliminate bacteria and germs while providing round-the-clock hot water and even during night hours ensuring comfort at all times.

Another crucial aspect of the Heat Pump is the large amounts of hot water it provides in relatively less time than other water heaters using the only 1/4th of the energy used by a normal water heater.

Accreditations and Certifications

  • 1st manufacturer of glass enamel coated tanks for solar water heating systems in India.
  • 1st solar water heater manufacturer to introduce single sheet absorber collector in India.
  • 1st Indian manufacturer to export solar water heater.
  • One of the few Indian solar companies to acquire Solar Key mark certification indicating full conformity with international and European standards to assure constant quality.

Solar water heater projects installed & executed by Emmvee in different industries:

  • Hotels & Resorts – A Solarizer water heater with a Capacity of 30,000 LPD was installed at Mahabaleswar, Maharashtra. The project was commissioned between the years 2002 & 2009.
  • Educational Institutions – A Solarizer water heater with a Capacity of 91,000 LPD was installed across Karnataka at 35 locations. The project was commissioned between the years 2002 & 2009.
  • Hospitals – A Solarizer water heater with a Capacity of 50,500 LPD was installed in Bangalore, Karnataka. The project was commissioned between the years 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011.
  • Industries – A Solarizer Plus water heater with a Capacity of 20,000 LPD was installed across Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad. The project was commissioned in the year 2011.