National Building, Gujarat, 200KWP

This is an off grid system for lighting the premises of NBCC. The system is a mix of photovoltaic and solar street lights providing complete lighting 24 hours a day at National Building Construction.

Karnataka High Court, Bengaluru, 200KWP

TThis is a project of national importance. During early days of solar EMMVEE had the privilege of installing solar roof top at Bangalore High Court way back in 2013.

Arvind Eye, Madurai, 300KWP

One of the leading hospital chain - Arvind Eye Hospitals entrusted the solar program to Emmvee. The installation was spread across 3 cities in Tamil Nadu with a capacity of 100KW each. The system was one of the early on grid system using net metering at Tamil nadu.

Vyline, Baruch, 302KWP

This was the first solar project for glass industry. The system was installed on sloped sheet roof using SMA inverters. The system was completed on time.

Nandan Chikkabalapur, 500KWP

This is a unique project and first of its kind in the industry.

Emmvee Dobaspet, 1MWP

The solar power plant was installed on trapezoidal metal sheet. The roof was in the East / West Orientation at a height of 30mtrs.
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