Solarizer Integrated Heat Pump


Our Heat-Pump based water heaters are superior in engineering and design. The cutting edge technology enables the heater to absorb heat from the atmosphere and heat up the water in the tank, consuming only about 1⁄4th of electrical energy. Solarizer Heat pump is a necessity in all residences with contemporary set-ups as it can provide bulk hot water at a desired temperature for the modern jet shower, rain shower and jacuzzi.

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Model no. HP-I-200
Heating capacity at air 20°C 20°C / 15°C
Heating capacity 2 Kw
Power input 1.51 Kw
COP 3.92
Max power input 2.4 Kw
Related current 2.6 A
Max current 12.2 A
Power supply 220V / 1 / 50 Hz
Backup electric heater 1500 W
Refrigerant R410 A
Net dimension 500×500×1628 mm
Net weight 75 Kg
Noise 48 dB
Water tank volume 120 L
Working temperature range -7~43°C

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