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Introducing Solarizer Heat Pump, a one-stop solution to efficient bulk hot water situations. It is effective in eliminating bacteria and germs while providing hot water 24/7 and even at nights ensuring comfort at all times. Solarizer Heat Pump has another crucial aspect – the amount of bulk hot water it can provide and the notably less time it usually takes to heat the water. Solarizer Heat pump is one of a kind water heater, that facilitates quick heating for large amounts of water. Your hot water will be ready, with just 1/4th of the energy that is used by a normal water heater.

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Tank capacity 500 litres (vertical)
Storage tank Glass enamel coated
Heat pump 1.8 Kw (input) Air source, single phase
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Tank insulation CFC free PUF – thickness 50 mm
Anode Magnesium (mg)
Outer cladding Pre-coated steel
Pressure safety valve 6 bar
Heat pump to tank interconnecting pipe CPVC (suitable for hot water)
Water quality TDS < 2500 Mg/L

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