Solarizer Heat Pump PR + Collector


Introducing Solarizer Heat Pump, a one-stop solution to efficient bulk hot water situations. It is effective in eliminating bacteria and germs while providing hot water 24/7 and even at nights ensuring comfort at all times. Solarizer Heat Pump has another crucial aspect – the amount of bulk hot water it can provide and the notably less time it usually takes to heat the water. Solarizer Heat pump is one of a kind water heater, that facilitates quick heating for large amounts of water. Your hot water will be ready, with just 1/4th of the energy that is used by a normal water heater.



Tank capacity 300 litres (horizontal) 500 litres (horizontal)
Storage tank Glass enamel coated Glass enamel coated
Heat pump 0.9 Kw (input) 1.3 Kw (input)* Air source, single phase
Voltage 230 v / 50 Hz 230 V / 50 Hz
Tank insulation CFC free PUF – thickness 50 mm CFC free PUF – thickness 50 mm
Anode Magnesium (mg) Magnesium (mg)
Outer cladding Pre-coated steel Pre-coated steel
Pressure safety valve 6 bar 6 bar
Heat pump to tank interconnecting pipe CPVC (suitable for hot water) CPVC (suitable for hot water)
Solar panel to tank interconnect Composite pipe with brass fittings Composite pipe with brass fittings
Water quality TDS < 2500 mg/l TDS < 2500 mg/l
Solar panel 3 4 16 m2 per collector

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