Solarizer Anywhere


Solar water heaters can damage the visual appeal of your home, it is for this purpose we have introduced Solarizer Anywhere. This solar water heater uses a small photovoltaic module to power a pump that circulates the heat exchange medium between the solar collector and the storage tank. This tank is mounted below the solar collector and therefore the system is very compact and hides on the building without being seen. The floor area compared to an occupied conventional solar system than that of this is also very small. The system is fully autonomous and can work for a longer period of time. The in-built optimal MPP Tracker system ensures whether the pump is operating efficiently and has a useful life for more than 50,000 hours or not! This is an exceptional advantage in houses or buildings where it is impractical to raise the height of the overhead tank. The system works without drawing any electrical power from your home, thus keeping the functional value balanced with the aesthetics.

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Model ES300P ES500P
Storage 300 litres 500 litres
Tank Glass enamelled Glass enamelled
Maximum pressure 6 bar 6 bar
Pressure safety valve Yes Yes
Air relief valve Yes Yes
Heat exchange medium Glycol-water mixture Glycol-water mixture
No. of collectors 2 4
Pump 12 V DC with MPP tracker 12 V DC with MPP tracker
Photovoltaic module 12W 12W
Auxiliary heater Electrical (2kW) Electrical (2kW)
Sacrificial anode Magnesium Magnesium
Inter-connecting pipes UV resistant insulated copper UV resistant

insulated copper

Weight 520 kg (Approx.) 750 kg (Approx.)
Temperature over

protection valve

Optional Optional
Collector tilt 30 degree 30 degree
Colour RAL7035 RAL7035


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