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Solarizer Elite Hybrid

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Solarizer Elite Hybrid

Solarizer Elite - Hybrid solar hot water system is specially suitable for large home which needs hot water at many points. It is very convenient to install a Solarizer Elite - Hybrid in a separate location (eg. basement, garage, storeroom etc) and connect the hot water to many points in the house through an insulated pipe line. The solar hot water system can also be connected to a pressure boost pump.

Conventional Solar hot water systems will deliver hot water only when the sun is shining. However, during the days of monsoon and overcast days, it is necessary to use electrical back up heater built in the solar tank to heat the water. Electrical heaters consume precious and expensive electrical energy.

The storage tank in the conventional solar water heater is designed to provide bulk hot water for consumption during non–sunshine hours and this restricts the withdrawal of hot water as per your convenience.

Solar Product Benefits: 
Corrosion resistant and hygiene
Anti-freezing and efficient heating
  • Glycol-Water based heat transfer fluid
Efficient heat transfer
  • Helical coil heat exchanger (for solar and heat pump circuit)
Heat pump
  • Air source
Low power consumption
  • High efficient circulator pump
Automated operation
  • Sophisticated electronic controller for solar circuit and heat pump
Design flexibility
  • Easy cascading for higher volume of water
Easy monitoring
  • Heat metering facility (optional) Remote monitoring via internet (optional)
European quality solar collector
  • Solar Key Mark certified solar collectors
  • Homes, Hospitals, Hotels and Hostels

Available in Litres

  • 500L
  • 1000L
  • 2000L
  • 3000L
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