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Manufacturing Facility

EMMVEE has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with 500 MW production capacity in Bangalore, India. Emmvee produces high quality photovoltaic modules using the most modern production line in India.


Photovoltaic Modules



Our qualified and motivated specialist staff and engineers produce our modules on the fully automated M10, Burkle & 3S machines in dust proof and air-conditioned production facilities. Our state-of-the-art technology, top-quality components made in Germany and a high level of staff qualification help us achieve a high degree of process reliability, excellent production results, and top product quality. Our best-in-class four production lines can produce large amount of products at the same time and speed without compromising the quality.

Quality Management

Our engineers have been closely co-operating with our machine suppliers M10, Burkle & 3S in order to continuously optimise our production plants, equipment's, and our production processes. Our imported materials from Germany go through a comprehensive quality management system during production and to deliver enhanced quality products.

The annual TÜV (German technical inspection agency) inspections and approval of our production facilities are proof of our high quality standard. All our modules meet European and international requirements and are TÜV certified. Selected modules also receive US certification from Underwriters Laboratories UK certification from MCS and Australian registration from Clean Energy Council.

Customised Solutions

Our state-of-the-art production facilities, professional know-how and flexibility enable us to address the individual needs of our customers. Special solutions like BIPV and OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturer) round off our professional competence.

Solar water heaters

Hot water is an important requirement for every family. Emmvee’s solar hot water system products are a perfect alternative to electrically heated hot water. We are able to deliver the same comfort without consuming electrical energy.

EMMVEE solar brings in the very latest SOLARIZER range of solar hot water systems which are most reliable and efficient than any other solar hot water systems available in the market. It just uses the natural sunlight to heat the water! The solar hot water is very safe and economical. It can be adopted in almost all types of houses in a very simple manner. Emmvee’s solarizer solar water heater products have 360 degree vision approach that makes their products the most reliable in solar water heating system. The products include:

  1. Solarizer Spring
  2. Solarizer Value
  3. Solarizer Ultra
  4. Solarizer Anywhere
  5. Solarizer elite
  6. Solarizer elite Hybrid
  7. Solarizer Heat Pump Water Heater

The products have unique features with:

  1. Glass Enamel tank
  2. The tanks are produced from Nickel-free enamels, the first of its kind in India.
  3. The collector’s top glazing is a fully tempered solar glass
  4. Sacrificial anode that prevents corrosion of the tanks
  5. Cross-section collector
  6. Coated tanks are insulated with a high density insulation material to prevent heat loss.
  7. The insulated tanks are subjected to a final quality inspection and documentation