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Integrated Heat Pump Water Heater

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Integrated Heat Pump Water Heater​

With experience and knowledge of 25 years introduces integrated heat pump water heater for individual residences, residential apartment, domestic and commercial buildings which enable the end user to get hot water 24/7.

Solar Product Benefits: 
High COP
  • With COP of 4.2 at a working condition of 20°C/15°C(DB/WB).
Quality Enamel tank inside with long lifespan
  • The quality enamel tank makes sure the lifetime for the tank and keeps it healthy for hot water.
 High Efficient Coil Heat Exchanger outside the tank
  •  The coil outside the inner tank, separate the refrigerant with the tank water to keep it safe for the water quality. The quality coil heat exchanger makes sure the high efficiency for the heat pump water heater.
Famous Brand Quality Compressor
  • Compressor with precise energy stage setting ensures that the working unit to achieve the desired energy saving effect.
Variable Speed Fan
  • The working units can adjust the fan speed at any time to reduce the input power, meanwhile, reduce noise to achieve energy saving and silent running.
Electric Expansion Valve
  • The units automatically adjust the refrigerant flow rate, ensuring that the units operate with high efficiency in all weather conditions.
Fin Heat Exchanger
  • Highly customizable, at least three kinds of fin heat exchangers can be opted, including the golden fin heat exchanger, blue fin heat exchanger, hydrophilic fin heat exchanger.

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