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Glass Enamel Tank

EMMVEE is the pioneer and the only manufacturer of glass enamel coated tanks of sizes from 100 to 3000 liters for solar water heating systems in India.

Cross section of Glass Enamel Tank

The production facility for glass enamel coating tanks is fully automated and first of its kind in India. With highly skilled and trained manpower and many years of know-how in process of different capacities and size of tanks, our glass enamel tank production reaches the best performance and efficiency. Our fully automated manufacturing process is using equipments from Germany.

As shown in the cross-section of the tank, an additional layer of glass enamel on the steel layer increases the overall performance of the system

Benefits of glass enamel tank

  • Hygienic water
  • Highly resistive to corrosion in water
  • Resistive to abrasion which makes it mechanically strong
  • Highly resistive to impact of chemicals making the water safer

3000 LPD Tank

The 3000 LPD Solar water heating tank is used for Industrial applications in large scale usage. Due to the tank’s anti-corrosive nature, the tank strength increases along with the hygiene of the water which is very evident for Industrial usage.

3000 LPD-Tank

System Enamel coated big boiler
Capacity 3000 LPD
Material Low carbon steel - 6mm thickness
Configuration Vertical with manhole
Inside surface coating Glass enamel
Tank diameter 1600 mm
Height 1955 mm

Glass Enamel Tank with Jacket Type Heat Exchanger

This type of Solar water heating system is used when the original cold water (from the source) contains chemical contents, hence called hard water. To safe guard collector against scale formation and to avoid choking of the system, this type of system is beneficial.

Jacketed Type-Heat Exchanger System