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CSR Activity

EMMVEE Foundation, reaching out to underserved communities is part of our responsibility to our society. This entails transcending business interests and grappling with the "quality of life" challenges that underserved communities face and working towards making a meaningful difference to them.

Emmvee Foundation donates Mobile Eye Clinic bus to ‘Bangalore Nethralaya’

Emmvee foundation is involved into a wide variety of CSR activities where it look forward for the development of the education, healthcare, environment etc. Emmvee Foundation has been addressing to several social, economic and environmental areas where we are making a valuable contribution to improve standard of living, providing ease of access to healthcare, education and contributing to the global development.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Under Emmvee Foundation, Emmvee, in their latest CSR activity has donated Mobile eye clinic fully air conditioned bus with full eye testing and diagnosing equipment’s. The bus has seating capacity for about 6 crew including doctors and technicians.

The bus along with doctor crew will conduct eye camps at various locations in rural areas and also distribute lenses.

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Initiative of Emmvee Foundation in rural development areas are to identified schools & college to provide basic amenities for the betterment

Corporate Social Responsibility • Government Model Primary School, Bettahalasur
• Government High School, Bettahalasur
• Government Higher Primary School, Vishwanathapura
• Government Higher Primary School, Sonnappanahalli
• Government Pre-University College, Vishwanathapura
• Government Higher Primary School, Halepete Chintamani

In the above mentioned premises we have completed work like construction of sink, toilet doors, providing exhaust fan ,benches to the students & teachers, water purifiers, overhead water tank etc..

CSR Policy