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We at Emmvee have played a key role in boosting solar solutions in India. With our expertise and over 25 years of producing solar water heating solutions and photovoltaic modules, we are the preferred partners for several industry leaders and solar power projects globally. We understand our consumers and constantly innovate to deliver solutions that meet their needs. Which is why we have introduced a solar panel that produces AC electricity directly and launched for the first time in India, Emmvee AC Solar Module.


Instead of connecting solar modules to a standalone inverter, opt for the AC Solar Module with an inbuilt inverter to enjoy uninterrupted power.

Completely reliable for its performance and quality, Emmvee AC Solar Module offers several advantages:

  • 25 years warranty in module and 10 years on the inverter
  • More efficient and therefore produces more electricity
  • Proprietary Burst technology* to produce more energy during dawn, dusk, and low light conditions
  • Easily scalable to meet growing needs – just plug in more modules
  • Robust - built for the world
  • Ideal for homes, hospitals, schools, and offices where safety is of paramount importance as there would be no high voltage setup on top of the building
  • Easily scalable to meet growing needs – just plug in more modules
  • Easy installation
  • Safe because it handles low voltage at the module level

Each EMMVEE AC module operates independently. Even if a few become dirty or are in shade, it won’t affect the performance of the other modules and this means more energy is harvested per kW of sunshine. The AC module can be connected to a SCADA system and the performance of each module can be monitored as well.

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